like i stated previously, i’m not doing any pixel requests at the moment. please stop sending them to me. thanks.

Anonymous asked: Hallo fellow grace

oho (◐◞౪◟◑’)┐ 

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Anonymous asked: do you do crossover pixels? if so can you do kidXstocking (panty and stocking), asuraXMikan (super dangan ronpa 2), gopher (soul eater manga) X kirika (oriko magica), and Justin X oriko (oriko magica)

no, sorry.

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Anonymous asked: hello can you do tsugumi/maka? aand akane/tsugumi (se not)?

cutest senpai/kohai ;o;

Anonymous asked: Your pixels are amazing they are so friggin adorableeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee can you do Justin and Azusa please :D

thank you very much!! c:

Anonymous asked: could you do a Justin pixel please it doesn't have to be with anyone if you don't want it to ;) It will be my lifesource

here you go sweetie :)

Anonymous asked: Is it cool to use your pixels on shipping walls/blog descriptions etc? with credit of course

yea bro!! that’s why i made them :) thank u for askin me <33

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Anonymous asked: hey i was wondering can you do magi pixels??

ahh sorry friend, soul eater is taking up most of my time right now and tbh im waaaaay too lazy to pixel all the complex designs in magi ;n; 

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Anonymous asked: Arachne/Eibon, perhaps?

u kno, i would but i have no idea how to go about pixeling this


Anonymous asked: do the nerds soul, maka, kid, mr butt star, tsubaki, liz, patty, and crona all together and i will love you forever (ㆁᴗㆁ✿)


Anonymous asked: can you do Crona and Ragnarok (I don't ship them, I just wanted to know if you could do them!!) Love your Soul Eater Pixels! ^.^ oh oh could you do Spirit and Maka! !!?

like this? :o