flamestrikereaglesus asked: Erm if it doesn't trouble you could you do pixels of Stein and Marie please I really love all of the other ones you have made and I would love to see Stein and Marie as pixels :)

thank you! 

Anonymous asked: hi could you do a dtk/anya hepburn pixel?? and a kid/liz/patty pixel too??

yep yep

Anonymous asked: hi!! could you please do a soul/anya hepburn pixel?? ((from soul eater not)) i love your soma one because your soul pixel is so cute!! his hair is so fluffy <3

awww thank you sweetie, here you go!

Anonymous asked: if it doesn't bother you, could you please make a mastar pixel? :> i love your pixels, they are so cute and precious! the way you always do b*s hair reminds me of my fav ice cream flavour. *w*

omg sure thing!!

youre so cute haha thank you!!!! 

Anonymous asked: hi!! could you do pattyxliz and pattyxblack star??

whoop whoop!! i will also add patty/kid for the hell of it.

im trying to do requests and personal art so pls be patient!! i am getting ur asks tho :)

tagged: +psa 

this ship is so important

Anonymous asked: ould you do black star and tsubaki as the little pixles cause there really cute

here you go!! & thank u