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First of all, I like your url, but I like your art more. Second, you seem like a really cool person. Lastly, I hope you have a nice week, full of double rainbows and sunshine, or whatever makes you happy. Bye ^u^

omg who is this. is this my mom. thank u momma i love u 

head’s up; if you’re wondering about the inactivity on here, it’s cause i’ve been focussing more on my flightrising blog since the art i’m doing is for that. 

once i get my laptop fixed, though, and can do stuff other than just pixel art, i’ll be back to posting here regularly! :)

bluefin charger T-T 


familiars are so annoying to pixel omfg 


heeeeere’s one with just these three bc idk i think theyre cute ya

dtk week // day 3 (companionship) 

PLEASE click for full res omg. i had more planned for this but im so tired ahhh„„

a lil somethin for dtk week (day 2/madness) 

tumblr’s an ass so click for full res„

love me some mad boys ;3; (transparent)

((What is this game or dragon thing! I SEE IT ON MY DASH AND ITS ALWAYS YOU I LOVE IT AND I LOVE THIS BLOG excuse me for "yelling" but I needed to express my emotions about you and this blog anyways what is it?))

haha omg thank u, it’s called Flight Rising!! its a p fun game, it’s like neopets but with dragons! and you can breed your dragons to get different gene combinations and stuff, so it’s p. cool.

also you can get familiars for ur dragon which are RLY CUTE AND PRETTY and they’re always coming out with new ones! It’s also very community-oriented, and there are design contests and stuff where your designs can actually be put in the game!

anyway yeah i really like flight rising. right now the registration window is closed though, so you can’t sign up just yet :( the next time it opens though you should definitely sign up!! the more the merrier!

Commish Shiz





making this into a masterpost for the flightrising commissions bc i dont wanna spam u guys ahah sorryyy ;w;

edit: added coatls!

edit 2: making babies for signatures ‘v’

imperial commissions con’t ‘w’

yay! imperial commission„„the apparel killed me haha

wowza…..lookit dat wildclaw… destinae's drag 

yea i’m gonna open an adoptables thread on flightrising, imps & wildclaws for 20kT. u can message me on here or on flightrising @ gracelle if youre interested!

laptop’s busted rn so i’m stuck doin pixel art on the mac ;-; 

anyway i’m probably going to do flight rising adoptables so this is my practice lmao